It’s a match! We match our accessories with our favourite celebrities.

Cara Delevingne & our Ciara jewelled headband

Bold choices for a wild child 

Cara Delevingne is the girl that everyone wants to be best friends with! This wild child combines high-fashion chic with untamed partying oh-so-well! That’s why we’ve paired her with our statement Ciara jewelled headband for a hair accessory that matches her vibrant attention-stealing style. Headbands are an elegant look, but they can also be the statement piece of an otherwise simple outfit. Plus, it’s a great life hack for saving a bad hair day!

Emma Watson & our Katherine jewelled headband

Sophisticated philanthropy

A far cry from her Harry Potter days, Emma Watson is now an icon for philanthropy and making the world a better place. After watching her evolve in the public eye throughout her twenties, as she turns 30 next year, we decided to pair her with our simply sophisticated deep red Katherine headband. Headbands have been rising in popularity over the past year, and when you’re wearing a headband with your hair down, virtually any style will work!

Kate Middleton & our Lorianna headband

The Duchess of Cambridge appears to be utterly flawless at every waking moment. So to compliment her title, we’ve paired Kate with our royal blue Lorianna headband – to match the iconic sapphire wedding ring that was passed down from Princess Diana. So much detail has gone into the Lorianna headband design and it completely gives the royal treatment to any outfit.

Adele & our pearl slider

The world can’t get enough of Adele – she’s an icon whose music will likely stand the test of time. We decided to pair this hitmaker with a timeless classic: our peal slider – which we think will be in fashion for as long as her music! Hair slides are perfect because they can make a statement without being too out there. They are so interesting and stylish that they negate the need for any other accessories.

silk srunchie ribbon

Holly Willoughby & our chain yellow ribbon

Holly is a busy lady, between being a mother and hosting morning TV shows. For this on-the-go gal, we’ve paired our yellow silk bow to add sophisticated style to her look, all the while keeping her hair perfectly in place as she whizzes around her busy schedule. Silk bows are a practical hair accessory because you can use them to throw your hair into a sleek ponytail. We’ve got a variety of colours to choose from so you can mix and match to suit your style!

Laura Kenny with our Isobelle embellished gold headband

Laura Kenny is no stranger to success. With four gold medals, she’s the UK’s most successful Olympic female competitor in any sport. So to celebrate our national treasure, we’ve paired her with the Isobelle embellished gold headband to proudly wear her golden status as a hair accessory for all to see. Think of this headband as the closest thing you can get to wearing a tiara in public in a way that’s completely socially acceptable!

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