History of the headband

Where did they come from?

Here at Evelyn & Rose, one of the many positives we’ve had from being in lockdown is the ability to learn! Learning something new everyday helps keep our minds happy and healthy.

Things that we wear are often taken for granted, without thought to where they’ve originated from and why our ancestors invented them. We’ve put together this bitesized history lesson on headbands, something to think about next time you slip one on 🙂

The Greeks!

Allegedly, headbands were introduce by the ancient Greeks around 400 BC. Head wreaths were made using leaves, flowers and branches and placed around the head. Such wreaths were usually a sign of great honour or victory in athletic competitions.

Flower headband

The Romans!

The headband tradition continued with the Romans, but this time, they were dressed with jewels, laurel, oak, or myrtle. They were worn as a reward for triumph and mainly by those in the military. You might find flower headbands worn by the Romans too for celebrations and festivals, such as feasts.

I’ve got a headache!

Fast forward to the early 20th century, headbands were commonly worn in order to aid the pain for a thumping headache. It was claimed that the tight pressure of certain headbands helped treat and prevent headaches. These came in lacy designs and were generally worn by women.

The roaring 20s!

By the 1920s, headbands really started to take off. Feathered and sequenced headbands became a thing, with women who wore them were often to referred to as ‘flappers’! Headbands even started to appear on the big screen, with the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Princess Grace Kelly wearing them in Hollywood.

Leopard print headband

Headbands and sports!

Thinking that headbands are just another fashion accessory? Think again! Have you noticed how many sports players use headbands to help their game? Tennis superstar Serena Williams and the legendary basketball player LeBron James, are rarely seen without one during the game. Not only do they control the level of sweat, but are also seen as an expression.

Sports headband

Headbands today!

With such a long history of this fabulous accessory, it doesn’t look like the trend is going to fade anytime soon. Having a bad hair day? Wear a headband. Want an accessory to show off your personality? Wear headband. Don’t have time to do your hair? Put on a headband.

Whether you’re looking for a casual, statement, sparkly, embellished, jewelled, silk or velvet headband – Evelyn & Rose will have something for you, to help brighten your day 🙂

lilac headband pearl and crystal
Tammie pink bee headband

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