Our selection of headbands for women are made by hand and look great for any occasion whether you’re the bride, bridesmaid, going to a party or simply having a picnic! We have carefully selected a range of styles from the classic simple look, to embellished with jewels or pearls, something for everyone, whether you’re buying as a gift or treating yourself.

charlotte headband ivory pearl


lorianna headband – green


ciara headband – green


lorianna headband – red


lorianna headband – blue


aurora pink sequenced knot headband


scarlett headband – red


lola blue pearl knot headband


imogen headband


brianna braided satin headband – sky blue


ciara headband – purple


rosie berry red velvet pearl and crystal embellished headband


lorianna headband – black


silvia headband


tabitha headband


brianna braided headband – pink


angelina headband


orelia gold and green embellished headband


harriet headband


clara headband


ella rose gold pearl headband


nude pearl knot headband


darcy pearl and crystal velvet headband


penelope pearl floral headband crown


sadie headband


selina slim headband – black


philippa emerald green velvet high knot headband


philippa high knot navy velvet headband